About Me

I’m a tech savvy mom who loves her phone.

With two children, a spouse that travels for work, and my own business, I understand the challenges of the modern mom!

Do you find yourself:

  • On a screen every time you have 5 minutes to spare
  • Still on the device 2 hours later even though you told yourself you’d only be on for 5 minutes
  • Reaching for your phone first thing in the morning
  • Comparing your life to that of others for “inspiration”
  • Falling asleep with the tv on
  • Wondering what’s wrong with you that you can’t just stop

First of all, there is nothing wrong with you. It’s so important that I will say it again:


I’m not saying any of these are bad. I’m saying they’re bad if that’s not what you want for yourself and yet you find yourself doing these over and over again.

I wanted something different for myself.

Taking control of my screen time helped me take control of my life. The ripple effects were amazing.

See for yourself: Take the Phone Detox Challenge

xo Dom

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