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What’s on the other side of your phone?

Being more present with your children? Deeper intimacy with your spouse? [Finally] going all in on your dreams of building a business? What about restoring your sense of self-trust, self-care, and personal power?

10 weeks to reconnect to your life & yourself

Life is too short to be on your phone. Join my 1:1 coaching program Screens on Your Terms and take control of your screen time. Watch the massive ripple effects in all areas of your life.

Why Coaching?

If you’ve ever tried to quit a habit on your own, you KNOW the mind drama that rises up. Coaching with me, you get personalized attention not generalized advice. This can be a game changer for creating lasting transformation.

Also, less tangible, my clients often say there is something truly special about having someone hold space for you through a transition. Especially someone who’s been there.

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See how I’ve help change real women’s lives for the better!


Kristen M.

Coaching has been so helpful in my life. No matter what challenge I bring to Dom, she offers a wealth of tools to help me get unstuck! Her caliber of coaching is up there with the best! You will not be disappointed!

Amy B.

It’s been such a pleasure being coached by Dom. She’s authentic, intuitive, and compassionate. Her program isn’t just about minimizing screen time. It’s a gateway into emotional adulthood and living an intentional life.