5-Day Phone Detox Challenge

Hit reset on your relationship with your phone.

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It’s about more than just screens.

Our children are reaching for phones and remotes on reflex, our spouse gets our distracted attention as we scroll social media, and we are left with a disconnected self who isn’t in control of her own life.

It seems simple, but we can transform our lives by starting with one simple change: taking control of our screen time.

Let me know how the challenge goes!

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What others have to say


“This guide is amazing. I knew I relied on my phone a lot to keep me distracted and comfortable, but I sincerely didn’t realize HOW MUCH I reached for it. By day 3 I was already noticing a difference in how much more present I was.”

Miranda G.

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“Dom’s Detox was exactly what I needed. I’m starting a business and have three children and found myself on my phone waaayy more than I wanted to be. This was the perfect kick in the pants to set me back up for reconnecting with my life again.”

Lindsay S.