Dominique Vandal

THE life coach for Enneagram Ones

You might be a One if...

You are VERY intimate with your inner critic
That voice inside your head telling you all your faults is absolutely relentless and you’ve come to believe that you are being discerning and it's reasonable for you to take it seriously
You set the bar excessively high for yourself
There’s an unattainable standard you hold yourself to because then NO ONE could ever say to you what you already say to yourself “you're not good enough”
You find it hard to be spontaneous
The chances of you making a mistakes and beating yourself up for it are far too high to risk it, better to stay with what you already know
You catch yourself numbing out - screens, alcohol, over working
To cope with your ruthless judge, you zone out allowing you to not be in your body, in your feelings and in your present

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About Me

Trained as a Mindset Coach, I knew my thoughts created my results, but I was still living my life on the sidelines. You see, the self coaching framework became another tool I could use to judge myself against instead of being the awareness tool it’s meant to be.
Enter, the enneagram. When I learned I was a ONE, I read everything I could on the topic. It’s like someone had been in my head my entire life! You mean, other people don’t have a relentless inner critic? All this time, I thought I was being discerning and on to myself. Nope!!! Knowing I’m a One helps me to recognize the survival mechanisms my brain has in place so I can address them. It showed me the walls I didn’t see for walls.
Through embodiment, I recognized that my mental body is very active and maybe it’s time to turn on the rest of me. After all, I’m not just a brain in a body. A more complete picture is one that takes into account my mental body, my emotional body, my physical body and my energetic body.

Mindset Coaching + Embodiment Coaching

An integrated approach for Ones

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