Can you quit your phone for 5 days?

I’m a modern mom who loves her tech.

But I found myself always reaching for my phone.

I used it to disconnect, procrastinate, and numb.

I had no self-control, and it showed in many areas of my life: screens, eating habits, online shopping. The truth is I had an unmanaged mind. It managed me.

I decided to pick a “small” goal of reducing my screen use and everything changed for me. I started leaning back into my life.

I learned to listen to myself in all of the world’s noise.

I learned to live by my values and priorities.

I learned to trust myself.

I learned to take care of myself.

I learned that I could love myself unconditionally.

I learned to connect again.

You can do this too. Take the 5-Day Phone Detox Challenge.

I’m Dominique!

I’m a Certified Life Coach and dedicated mama to two boys. I support modern moms like me ready to break their screen habit and step into their lives again.

Yes, it’s about screens, but it’s about so much more than that.

Ready to reset? Take the 5-Day Phone Detox Challenge.

xo Dom

Jenie H.

I honestly think the greatest gift you could give yourself as a mom is to hire Dom as a coach. Her skills as a coach has helped me bring clarity and joy to issues that were bringing me pain. My life is forever changed!

Meg W.

I didn’t realize how much I needed coaching until I started working with Dom. She has the ability to listen deeply, synthesize information, and ask questions in a direct but kind way. Even if you are busy, it’s well worth the time and energy!!

Ready to deep dive into a transformational coaching experience?