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Hi! I'm Dominique Vandal. I help goal driven women become body confident without obsessing over food, sleep, exercise and numbers

Is this you?

1. You have tried every “optimal performance” tip and trick to feel confident in your body
You have listened to everyone else’s ideas and tried them for yourself and you still lack body confidence.
You keep hoping the next number goal you reach will be THE one that gives you permission to be confident in your body
You figure once you’ve hit your 10K steps consistently for a month your entire body concept will improve.
You believe it’s possible to spend less time worrying about your body and more time enjoying the body you have
You fantasize about being at ease in your body whether you want to be still or be adventurous without the mind chatter about your body’s inadequacies.
You are ready to see your body differently but you don’t quite know where to start
You are courageous and know that now is the time to create lasting change, to build unshakable body confidence.

Discover how to create transformation through powerful 1:1 coaching

I was honored to recently appear as a guest on the Life Coach School Podcast. 


About Me

Trained as a Mindset Coach, I knew my thoughts created my results, but I was still living my life on the sidelines. I would send my husband to the beach with the kids so I didn’t have to worry about all the mind chatter I would have about my body while at the beach.
I was holding on to unchecked body lies I had internalized from others around me growing up. The judge in my head was loud and it would tell me just how flawed my body would be if I dared to let go and just play on that beach. People would see all to clearly all the faults I tried to hide.
It was only once I brought the antiquated body ideals to the surface, and saw them as optional, that I was able to discard them. Best of all, I made up my OWN rules. By clearing the cobwebs of my thinking, I was able to develop a new relationship with my body, one of trust, cooperation and certainty - I call it being body confident

You are body confident when the thoughts you think about your body create a feeling of confidence.

Are you ready to be more body confident than you ever thought possible?

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